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The ombuds will listen to concerns, help clarify goals and interests, and help develop options to move forward. The ombuds may also make referrals to different offices on campus, coach a student on how to prepare for a difficult conversation, or help clarify UCSB procedures and policies.

Please call the Ombuds Office at (805) 893-3285 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are usually in-person, but can be by phone if preferred. Since the office staff is small, same-day appointments may not be accommodated.

How to prepare for your appointment

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Mediation is a voluntary and informal process where two or more individuals come together to work out their differences with the help of an impartial mediator. Participants develop their own solutions to their conflict. An ombuds usually meets with each person individually beforehand.

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How We Work

The Office of the Ombuds is a confidential resource for students to discuss any University-related concern. Talking with the ombuds is informal and "off the record," meaning by disclosing something to the office, a student is not officially notifying the University of the issue. The ombuds is independent from other campus departments. The ombuds is also neutral, meaning they are not advocates for any person or group, or for the University. The ombuds works to promote fair and equitable processes.