Advisory Committee

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Executive Vice Chancellor Gene Lucas formed the Ombuds Advisory Committee in 2005. The Committee includes two faculty members, two staff members, and two students (one graduate and one undergraduate) from the UCSB community. The committee is a resource for the Office, and it is also responsible for receiving and responding to comments or complaints about the Office of the Ombuds. This is to ensure that the Ombuds is held accountable and that persons who feel unfairly treated by the Office of the Ombuds have recourse.

Faculty and staff representatives are appointed for two years, with the allowance to serve two consecutive terms. After two terms, faculty/staff members must rotate off the committee for at least one year. Student representatives are appointed for one year, with the allowance to serve two consecutive terms.

The Committee meets at least once per quarter, excluding the summer quarter. The Chair of the Committee may also convene the Committee if a complaint is lodged against the Office.

2016-2017 Ombuds Advisory Committee Members